The small island of Sifnos, once rich and famous thanks to its gold and silver mines, is today one of the islands which, thanks to postcard landscapes, windmills, dovecote towers and white monasteries built on rocks, best preserve the Cycladic style.

Disembarking at the port of Kamares, the only docking point for ferries, and going up the road that leads to the village of Apollonia for about six kilometers, you come across the beautiful church of Panaghia Ouranofora which still preserves precious icons; once you reach the village, you find yourself immersed in a quiet village surrounded by cafés, small boutiques and some art galleries and the houses around are elegant renovated houses frequented above all by VIPs and Greek intellectuals who have contributed to making the island non-mass tourism is developed.

Near Apollonia, following a road that climbs the hill, you arrive at Artemonas, a very small village with a small square from which you can admire a splendid panorama.
Particularly not to be missed at sunset is the ancient Kastro, whose name comes from the remains of the Venetian castle, which rises sheer above the sea on the eastern coast of the island, where the sun, descending into the sea, illuminates with the last rays the small church of the seven martyrs, Epta Martyres.
An excursion to Cheronissos north of the coast is also not to be missed, where in addition to the panorama you cannot fail to enjoy a lunch or dinner based on freshly caught fish, lobster and lobster in one of the small taverns.
For those seeking absolute tranquility the best beaches are the small coves of Fasolou and of Apokofto where you can also visit the monastery of Chrissopigi overlooking the sea, while for those looking for a bit of worldliness we recommend the beautiful beach of Platis Ghialos where there are numerous cafes and restaurants.

How to get there

There are at least one or two ferries a day, starting from port of Piraeus for Sifnos, as well as a high-speed hydrofoil that can take you to the island in about 3 hours, in some periods of the year one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so as to make it possible to stay overnight on the island after a night in the city Athens. During the year the island of Sifnos can be easily reached daily from the nearby islands of Milos, Serifos and Kythnos and in the summer it is connected to Santorini and the other famous islands with several ferries a week. In addition there are other connections, albeit less frequent, to almost all the Cycladic islands, via Syros.


The island of Sifnos has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age, and was colonized by the Achaean-Mycenaeans, who built the fortified town at the current monastery of Agios Andreas. The development of the island was strongly driven by the presence of mines. Thanks to them, the island became an avant-garde polis, both economically and socially. Suffice it to say that the island of Sifnos was one of the first to mint its own currency, and that for the first time the workers of the mines (in which slaves worked, of course) were paid in coins. Once the luck of the mines ended, the island was repeatedly besieged and occupied by the Persian forces. In Roman times, Sifnos was instead disputed between the Venetians, Byzantines and Spaniards, who made it an Ottoman fiefdom. The island remained Ottoman until the Greek War of Independence, in which it actively participated.

Matt Barrett has been returning to Sifnos for thirty years, the first time in the seventies, and he particularly loves this island.
The island offers beautiful beaches, enough nightlife, the art of pottery and the best traditional cuisine you have ever tasted!
An island suitable for everyone, families with children, couples in love on their honeymoon and lovers of beauty.

The island of Sifnos is dotted with fantastic beaches, villages to discover, countless churches and archaeological sites of great interest. The roads of the island are almost all paved so all the beauties of Sifnos are within easy reach.
You don't need uncomfortable jeeps, a small car is the perfect way to get around the island. Prices are competitive with discounts in low season or for long periods. Cars are usually delivered to your hotel or port so you can start your discovery of Sifnos right away!


Sifnos Beaches

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